Just casually floating, reading my book.

It’s not often I post picture of myself on my blog. I never feel the need to. However, I simply couldn’t resist putting up this one.

This was a great little trick I learnt online the other day. It’s an effect you can easily create that makes it look as if you are floating.

All you need to do is get a subject (person) and someone to push that button on the camera. I’m no expert on Photography, but I know the basics of this effect. All you simply need to do is adjust the shutter speed on your camera to a high value, and tell the subject to jump up and down several times and take as many snaps as possible in the amount of time you’ve got. To make the effect even more… effective, tell your subject to look natural and to hold something or become obsessed with something for a minute. This will give the effect of someone floating, just like the picture of me above. I’ve also added some effects through Picnik to give it a more abnormal look. What do you think?

This was taken in my school library today, and a huge thanks to my friend Rachel for taking the picture! 



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