An Afternoon of Photography, Creative Writing, and Magical Staffs

This afternoon, with my Photography Group in school, I travelled to a magical land where my imagination was let loose. Sadly, I cannot tell you the exact location of where I went, because it is only magic for us and we are the only ones who can see the magic, so it wouldn’t be any use if you went. Also because the place is right next to my school, and if I told you it’s location, you would be able to track me down, and probably take me away in your ice cream van. Anyway…

The place was filled with many magical paths, extremely odd features and beautiful sights. Nothing can quite describe what I seen today.

From cemeteries to Japanese inspired gardens, I really was in a magical land. On my travels though the land, I picked up a branch, and called it my magical staff. It served its duty well, before being thrown on a piece of land, not in the magical zone, as its powers had left it.

The day was mainly for photography purposes as well as inspiration for creative writing, and oh boy, I was inspired. Overall, I took round about eight hundred photos. So, yeah you guessed it, I will be uploading the best ones that have been edited separately, but below you will just some of the photos I took whilst on my travels through the magic land.

Also, I will now be working on several cretive writing pieces, and as you may have read in my new “news” section on the sidebar, I am currently working on a web-book; a book you will be able to read on my blog and I’m having a lot of fun with that, but it will take a little while. Anywho, ENJOY!



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