A Day In The Life of a Scottish Teenager

It’s not very often I sit and stare at my blog. So earlier today whilst bored, I stopped and stared at the main parts of my blog and realised that my tagline is, “Welcome to the World of a Scottish Teenager”. And I know I blog about my day to day life  sometimes and you get an insight as to what I get up to. But I thought I may as well do an extra special post tonight, as to what exactly my day is like. It’s not just my day however, it’s many other Scottish teenagers’ days do! (This is a weekday by the way!)

Animated image of Earth rotating.
Animated image of Earth rotating. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get up. I put on my school uniform. I go to the kitchen, put the kettle on and return to my room. I switch my laptop on, get the latest news, see the weather, check my emails, check my blog and log off. I make my tea and I drink my tea (two sugars, plenty of milk). I check my school bag. I check my blazer. I say goodbye and head out for my bus.

I go to the bus stop, talk to my friends, have a laugh, observe the way old people live, and get on my bus. I sit and think to myself what it would be like to be a caterpillar.

I arrive at school, chat with my friends, and go to my first subject.

At break, I go to my corner in the school and catch up with everyone.

At Lunch, I go to the Library and sit on my area of the couch, and eat my tuna baguette, lentil soup and drink my water.

At the end of the school day, I get on my bus, think about what it would be like to be an elephant, and I soon arrive at the bus stop I started my day at.

I walk along my street, walk through the door, greet my family and make myself a cup of tea.

I do my homework. I practice my piano. I have dinner.

I do more homework. I study. I study more.

I blog, check my emails, find something addictive on the internet and afterwards, log off.

I go onto my iPod, play Minecraft Pocket Edition, watch funny videos on YouTube.

I go to the bathroom, inspect my teeth, brush my teeth and do all other things required.

I bid my parents goodnight, go to my bed, pretend to be asleep whilst still watching funny videos. Eventually, I fall unconscious and rest for the night.

I dream about what it would be like to be a caterphant.



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