Solo Talking


Today in English, I did my solo talk.

You may remember what was supposed to be my solo talk when I shared it with you all a month or two ago. However, last night, it dramatically changed in every way possible.

My original solo talk was supposed to be about why I want to be a music teacher when I leave school and university. However, last night in a state of panic I decided to change it to a factual talk about Teletubbies. Yes.

When I was called to the front of the classroom this morning, first period, I couldn’t have been more nervous, as this was my first ever solo talk. Nervous at first and making a bad start I soon however, started to get into the swing of things but I was relying on my notes far too much and hesitating sometimes.

Overall, I got a two (which is a good grade) but my teacher was kind enough to give me another go on Thursday of this week, and hopefully I’ll get a one!

But heh, if I can give you one tip, it’s this.

Just go for it. Don’t think about the clowns and the spectators, just go for it, and soon you’ll enjoy it. 

And it’s not only solo talks that goes with…




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