Mothering Sunday

As a lot of you will know, today is Mothering Sunday, or as it’s more commonly known, “Mother’s Day”. It’s a day where us children, and adults, appreciate the greatness of our mothers and sometimes other close female relatives and we celebrate their hard work.

I love my mum greatly. I could say she’s the best mum in the world as she is the only mum I have, and you my think that about your mother too.  I know I sometimes don’t show her my appreciation, but honestly, I always have loved her and I always will love her.

Today I actually awoke at exactly 9:19 am. That’s a record for me, considering it is a Sunday. Anyway, I rose from my bed, slipped my housecoat over my pyjamas, and went into the kitchen. I opened “the drawer” as we call it and took out the weird balloons. I swear, you have never seen such oddly shaped balloons in your life.

Anyway, rushing around putting up balloons and making my mum’s tea and breakfast I was practically like a machine on too much oil. Eventually, my mum came into the living room, and sat down to the lovely set up I provided for her as you can see in the picture. Before she got started on her lovely breakfast of Weetabix and tea, I gave her her presents.

One of her presents was actually with her the whole time, it was a tea towel saying something like “Best Mum Ever!” which she rather liked. Another present was a mug saying “No. 1 Mum” because hey, she really is my number one! Yet another present was a box of “After Eights” a mint chocolate confectionery thing (Just in case you didn’t know!). And finally, I gave her her main present. Wait for it, wait for it… I got her a super jumbo wordsearch book with over 400 puzzles. Yes. Trust me, if you knew my mum, you’d say “That’s the best present ever!”.

And after all that, after many hugs and nice feelings, I came into my bedroom and decided to blog about it, just for the sake of it.

I’m probably going to end up outside somewhere today with my mum and probably sister, because it is a great day outside, just ashame I told my mum she can’t put the washing out today!

So wherever you are, whoever you are I wish you and your mum a very Happy Mother’s day, and if you’re a mum, I’m sure you’re doing a great job, you should be respected!



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