Remember me?


Umm… Hi.

You may remember me. I’m that kid that owns that blog called (such a weird name, I know) and you may have noticed that I have been… well practically dead really for the past week or so.

However, don’t fear! I am back and well! All the time I was away, I was doing important work for school, preparing for exams and completing coursework, which left me with no time to blog or do anything fun.

I’ve not much to talk about just now, but hopefully tomorrow I will have something to blab on about.

Before I go, I just want to thank people, because my stats have shot up dramatically with people reading my posts and having a look around from all over the world! Especially Hungary, where aparently, my blog was featured on Hungarian TV! But other countries such as the US and of course the UK, have been on my blog. And you may have noticed that this week I created a record for myself! I have gained over 1000 views in less than a week, and that’s without me even blogging that much!

I’m doing a lot of cool stuff next week, so I should have plenty to talk about. I am concentrating on Friday, where I’m getting out of school to go on a photography expedition with my photography and creative writing group from school! I’ll upload as many things as possible to here to share it with the world.

But until then,





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