I Want to Break Free at 1:11 am.

Yes. I am currently listening to Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” on the radio. Great way to start the day!

Yeah, I’m saying that because I’m just not winning this sleeping game thing. What even are the rules?

I really want to get to sleep because I have a heck of a lot of homework to do tomorrow, but I am just not having any luck at all.

I was once told to tighten all the muscles in your body before sleeping because it apparently helps you relax. It also helps get last night’s curry out as well…

So I now have the window open, freezing cold and watching the drunk children playing outiside. What a night.

Actually, technically, it is morning so I should be saying what a morning.

Oghffffff. That was me growling and yawning and moaning all at the same time.

Ahh well, just got board and thought I would tell the world about my sleeping problems.

And… GOSH! The hungarians still keep flooding in! Apparently my blog was listed on a Hungarian TV show, so now I seem to have a heck of a lot of Hungarians on my blog. Greetings to them!

Ah well, Night Night.

Well actually, Morning Morning.



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