KONY 2012

Thanks to OhRandomRebecca, I found this video which has gone extremely viral. And I’m going to get it just that tiny bit more views, that no one will notice, but it WILL count. This is a Viral Video like no other. It is a Viral Video for a good cause, a great cause, an extraordinary cause.

I’m not going to say much more, but I do want you to do a few things. I’m doing my part and spreading this video as much as I can, and I may just put money towards this cause. But you need to help to0. You need to help, just like I helped.

Reblog this post, or share the video, or share the link to the website. Because you WILL make a difference. If there is ever a time you’ll be brilliant, shine now. Right now. At least spread this video as far as you can. Together, as a worldwide community, we’re gonna make Kony famous.



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