My Week


I thought I would start a little weekly feature, where I talk about my week for absolutely no reason. Anyway, on with the show…

The week started off with Monday believe it or not. Yes, it’s a true fact, you may want a couple of minutes to recover from that shock. And in school on that particular Monday, I received a “Jag” or as you may know it, an  injection. No no no no! Not drugs or anything, just a booster injection to help keep me alive.  I later came home and blogged about it. How predictable of me.

Just a typical lunch time for me.

Tuesday was a quiet day. The most exciting part was probably my arm hurting all day from the injection on Monday. It wasn’t deathly sore, just felt like a bruise- just in case you wanted to know.

Wednesday, again, was a quiet day. Just the usual lessons and stuff. And afterwards, I went to my weekly piano lesson, and you’ll never guess what… I played piano! Yeah, in case you didn’t know, I play piano. I self taught myself from a young age, but never taught myself how to read music so now I’m getting lessons. And if you must know, I’m just about to do the Grade 2 exam in a few weeks. Be sure to expect a blog post on that. How predictable of me. (Again). I also posted a short creative writing piece that I wrote which I was rather proud of. I entitled it, “Fireman 911“.

On Thursday, I wasn’t up to much either. However, all throughout the week in my English class, I have been “Folio-ing” and I blogged about that afterwards. You can find out what that is by reading the blog post. Apart from that, an overall quiet day, apart from nearly killing myself in P.E.

And here we are, Friday at last! The week has seemed to be quite slow, but at some points in a good way. I’ve had a lot of good laughs this week, but there’s lots of studying coming up as I am expecting multiple tests in various subjects soon. But hey! Studying can wait a few days. All I want to do for now is relax, relax and yes, you guessed it, relax. I may be blogging over the course of the weekend, but I don’t know for sure. But hey, thanks for stopping by to read!

How was your week? 



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