English Folio-ing.

English: Books
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English is a great subject. I mean, where else can you learn and have such a good time by reading books and writing about them? Well, if only  all of that was entirely true. Of course we do actually write critical responses and so on about books or poems or whatever we’ve read. But there’s a heck of a lot of other stuff in English. Well, in my school anyway.

First of all, I want you to know that I am part of one of the last ever year groups ever to do standard grade, and if you are from Scotland you (probably) know what I’m talking about. If not, then basically, the Scottish Qualification Authority and the government and other people with ties and briefcases, are deciding to scrap a  great curriculum that has been teaching students for years now, and replacing it with “The Curriculum For Excellence” which apparently, is so much better. *Laughs*

So, part of the course that I am on (the good one), requires each student to have  an English folio – Basically just a collection of the gretest pieces of work that the pupil has done throughout the course of the past year or two –  in order to achieve a decent grade. The rest of the grade is made up of exam results I believe.

But now to the reason of this blog post. I’ve never realised up until now, how much work and effort I need to put into my folio. It turns out that in all of my pieces of work, I have re-told books, and killed the given task.

And what’s so bad about that I here you ask? Well, this means that weeks of re-drafting against the clock,  is ahead of me. And this means that I can not afford to waste time like I am now, using this blog post as an excuse to not re-write my “Romeo and Juliet Critical Evaluation”.

So this is just another rant post, but it’s also a warning. None of you will really care about this part, but I probably will not be blogging for the next week or two, or at least not blogging as… “lengthy”. But hey, you’ve still got 60 posts and counting to read on my blog!

So, for the next week or two, this is farewell.




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