The word, “Jag” which will be used a lot in this post, refers to the word, “injection”. It’s just a Scottish and possibly British way of talking about the painful method of medication.

Today in what you may know as “school”, I wet my pants even more than usual.

To my shock, whilst in English, a messenger came to my class, and told everyone to head to, lets just say, “A Room”, to receive jags. It was then that I clicked on that today was immunisation/booster/pain day, and I remembered filling a form out a few weeks ago.

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Up until today, it had been roughly ten years since I last had a jag, so I was pretty calm about it, but when I got to”The Room” I was more nervous than that time I climbed through a wheelie bin. For some reason, I had just turned hysterical and couldn’t control myself.

But luckily enough, the woman who was dealing with me for this particular booster, couldn’t have been nicer, and distracted me rather cunningly from the hardly painful nip of the jag. I now love and respect that woman.

And afterwards, everything was fine. However, now, several hours after the jag, my arm feels like it has been punched on the same spot for months and months. And doing fitness in P.E (Physical Education) didn’t really help at all.

So I just wanted to rant about my pain for today. And I really am not looking forward to taking the plaster off tonight, as I am certain that this will cause great pain.

So, thank you for wasting a few minutes of your life that you will never get back, on me. You will return in the afterlife as something nice, like a unicorn, or a toad. Or a sausage role.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    It may be in England! Definitely not here in Scotland, unless your posh, seriously posh! Hang on… doesn’t “Jab” in Scotland mean something to do with self harm?


  2. OhRandomRebecca says:

    I believe it’s jab, not jag. XD haha.



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