Yesterday, I performed in a concert and I couldn’t have been more nervous.

It was a concert connected to my piano lessons, but my teacher wanted me to play something by ear, which I do best. I decided weeks before the concert that I was going to play Celo Green’s Forget You, and weeks before, I got the nerves.

I felt like jumping off of a bridge, as it seemed better than performing in front of a fairly big crowd. But this always seems to happen to me! I always get the nerves when something like this happens! My brain just goes into autopilot, and crashes. And the spinning beach ball of doom pops up. Not really. 

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Part of my small performance, as it was a two hour concert with many youths like me performing, was to introduce my self along the lines of, “Hello! I’m Aaron, and I’m going to play Forget You by Celo Green, on piano.” but somehow, when rehearsing, instead, I said, “Hello I’m Aaron, and I’m going to forget you.” Lets just say that didn’t go down well with some people. 

But, I got up there, and I did it, and I never thought I’d say it, but I actually started to enjoy it near the end! And I at least got a decent round of applause. That was good enough for me!

And although this blog post may seem like a pointless one, I’m basically trying to tell you, that you should always forget about nerves, and enjoy performing, it is possibly one of the greatest feelings ever felt by mankind.

Merci Bucketo.




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