Why I Want To Spend My Life In School


Recently, in my English class, I was told I had to create a solo talk on practically anything, and to talk in front of my classmates tomorrow. However, as creating it in my head, I was typing it up, and I thought it made a pretty good Essay and blog post! So… here it goes! 


Teachers must be one of the most sophisticated species on the planet. Most are like tarantulas, they scare the living daylights out of people, and leave them poisoned with venom, or in the teacher’s case, boredom. However, some of them are like… Dolphins! People love them and love to be with them. Just not necessarily in water. And it’s because of these images connected to teachers, I want to be a teacher myself.

My earliest memory of wanting to be a teacher comes from when I was able to speak a decent sentence or two. When I was about three or four years old, I opened my very own school. In the world of Aaron of course. And in this school, I was a teacher, but the most I ever taught, was how to say something along the lines of  “Gobally Goo Gaa Gee GO!” . And of course my “Pupils” who were sat cross legged on my messy bedroom floor, were listening very attentively.

Time went on, and I attempted to learn the alphabet from being in Nursery, and I attempted to teach my imaginary class it.

“Now Children, repeat after me! A! B! C! D! F! R!P! W! Z! Well done you got it all correct, except from you Timothy! Go and stand in the naughty corner!”

So at that stage, I was just an ameteur. However, after entering the big bad world of primary education, I started to learn more. And the more I learnt, the worse a teacher I became…

“Listen and repeat after me children! One! Two! Three! Seven! Nine! Elleventy Three Fifty Forty! Well done children! Not bad for our first attempt children! BUT YOU TIMOTHY, HAVE BEEN VERY NAUGHTY! STAND UP NOW! I SAID STAND UP!”

And suddenly, I would pick this child up by the ear and through him into the school dungeon (my wardrobe) and make him suffocate and die of hunger and thirst.

And this was starting to become more and more of a habit in my class. First Timothy, then Tommothy, then Timothy.2! But luckily, for the children, the headteacher, (mother) caught me in the act and moved me on to fire-fighting instead. However, that did not go so well when I “accidentaly” blew up a candle, if that even is humanly possible.

But back to the point! Ever since a really young age, I have always wanted to be a teacher of some sort! And I still do! I just don’t play schools any more in my school…. EH I MEAN BEDROOM.

And as I got older, I realised that teachers do actually go through a hard time, with all of the teasing and taunting and rumours and rampages! And I must admit, some teachers do deserve a hard time not mentioning any names… And I know what you’re thinking! Typical Aaron, the geek, the nerd, the whatever! Backing up the teachers! But believe it or not, I’ve had my fair share of hard times from teachers just like anyone else here. I’ve had teachers brake glass when shouting at me, I’ve had teachers’ faces vibrating, and I’ve even been put outside like a new dog to a new household that’s just chewed all of the cables to pieces. But yes, I’ve been scarred for life by teachers, and many of them too!

And hey! I think I’d make a pretty good teacher! I




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  1. Derek says:

    Thoughtful post! Can’t wait to see what else you put up!



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