So today, Ash Wednesday, marked the start of lent, the Christian observance of the liturgical year. Now that you know that, you must now read my thoughts about it. That is an order. And so is Deep Pan Hawaiian Pizza hold the cheese with extra large mushrooms.

A thing that a lot of people do in lent, is give something or some things up for the whole six weeks of lent. This year, I have given up two things. Like last year, I have given up chocolate, which proved to be very hard last year, and I’m sure it’ll be no easier this year! You’ve no idea how much you come across chocolate a day!

The other thing I have given up for Lent, is Facebook. Recently, I have almost been getting addicted to Facebook. So, when I was thinking of a good challenge and goal to set myself this year, I decided to do this. However, now thinking on it, I may just stay off of Facebook for a while after Lent, because all that seems to be on Facebook at the moment is people complaining about their fake lives; how depressed they are and how they’ve been divorced, even although they’re years behind the legal marriage age. But yeah, I’m off Facebook. We’ll soon see how long that lasts!

Today also happens to be Ash Wednesday, a day where Christians receive ashes from burnt palms from Palm Sunday, to say to God that they are sorry for any sins they committed during the Christmas period. I myself today, received ashes, being a Christian and being at a Christian school. However, even if I was a really strict Christian, which I’m close to, I always have, still do, and probably will always, hate receiving ashes. It’s just the horrible feeling of the wet and solid mixture being put on my forehead that puts me off. And don’t even get me started about my phobia of eating food after receiving ashes.

Also, being Ash Wednesday, and at a Christian School, and being Christian, I am not supposed to eat meat for the full day. And do you know what, I should become a vegetarian, because I thought I did  OK!

So here we go, weeks of moaning from me to come, about how I’m coping without Facebook and chocolate. I really cannot wait to see how long this lasts! And I really am looking forward to Easter Sunday, when I can get back on to Moanbook, I mean Facebook, and eat lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of Chocolate. Wish me luck!

What are you doing for the season of Lent?



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