Writing Ideas

Its rare that I do posts like this, from my phone, but this is something I really want to share, so please excuse any typos etc.

For the past wee while, I’ve been wanting to write a long story or short book. However, my brain was just not letting my imagination loose, or letting me think properly, so I basically had writer’s blog I suppose.

It was after reading an article somewhere on the world wide web, that the river of creativity was flowing in my brain again, like a mountain river gushing in Autumn. Anyway, this article basically told me to clear my mund and stop trying to create, but instead think and edit. Basically, this computed to me as stop trying to create ideas out of the blue, but instead think of memories and past dreams and work on them.

Suddenly, after reading the article, a dream that I constantly had as a child, which I had forgotten about for many years, came back to me. It was almost crystal clear! And thanks to a new habit if mines, I picked up my notebook, and jotted it down.

And then again, suddenly, this dream made me think about a new and awful scenario and so, I wrote it down…

And again! Another connected idea!

It felt amazing having all these scenarios and ideas and memories flooding back to me! In fact, even now, whilst secretly blogging under my covers whilst my parents think I’m asleep, I’m still being filled with fresh new ideas! Its just ashame my notebook is across from my bed and I’ll interrupt the floor boards and make a noise and get my parents suspicious, otherwise I would be jotting it down!

So, if you are needing fresh ideas for writing of any sort…

Sit back, and relax and clear your mind. Think about your childhood and past times. What are your best and worst memories? What were you scared of? What sort of things did you dream about?

I for one would definitely give it a go, because it worked for me anyway!

Happy Writing!



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