My Blogging Tips

“How do you blog? What should I blog about?”

This was asked when someone from my school approached me and wanted my advice. So, here you go…

I never stick to the one topic when blogging. I could never tell you my specific range. That is one thing I reccomend you remember. It’s great not to be tied in to the one topic all the time and like BBC Radio Scotland said a week or two ago, blogging really can be therapeutic.

English: Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging
Image via Wikipedia - I honestly wish I could tell you what the heck this has to do with blogging, but I really can't.

So when thinking about what to blog about, don’t.  I hate to be sat in front of that “Add New Post” page thinking about what to do. Instead, do what I do. During the day, carry a small notebook around with you. When you feel strongly about something, or like the idea of something, jot it down. Then, when it comes to blogging time, just take the notebook out and choose what you want to blog about. For example, you may have thought it was weird how some people have nasty habits. So, when it comes to blogging time, you should blog about how a lot of people have nasty habits, but in your own blogging style, and without offending anyone.

What is blogging style? I can’t tell you this. No one in the world can tell you this! Simply because, “Blogging Style” is how someone blogs. For example, I blog with a lot of sarcasm and I use unusual words sometimes, and I like to involve featured images and so on. So, when it comes to your blogging style, you must think about what makes you stand out, and try not to copy anyone, because no one likes a copy cat. Or goldfish.

So that’s all I can give for now, because I really need to go and see a man about a goose, but just pour all of your stress and thoughts out on your blog! Trust me, you’ll get some sort of feedback sooner or later! Oh, and it might help to add a few tags to your post and categorise it, I’ll tell you why later, but for now that’s all.



So hope this helped, and I’ll be blogging soon!

Aaron 🙂



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