About to Meet an Author.

I’m smart. So smart, that I’ve managed to schedule this post for an exact time, because I won’t have time at that specific time to write it…

So. I’m just about to meet an author. But not just any author, a Scottish one. But not just any Scottish author…

I’m about to meet the multi-award winning Catherine MacPhail . Its part of a school event, but I am really excited, like many my fellow friends sitting around me.

I love meeting authors. And belueve me, its becoming a bit of a habit! First, I met a bunch of authors at a teenage book award event including Cathy Macphail but only briefly, then the absolutely fantastic V.Campbell whose debut novel I am addicted to and now another one to add to my list, Cathy Macphail.

Sadly, I have not read any of her tempting books yet, despite the fact that I actually own one of her books. I have a good reason though! In fact, two good reasons! The first is that I don’t want to go off Viking Gold by V.Campbell because it is just simply amazing, and the second is because a good friend of mines is borrowing the book by Cathy Macphail.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking all day about what kind of questions to ask her, and I now have tonnes. I just hope I don’t scare her away!

Anyway, I really reccomend you check this fantastic author out, and get reading her books! I know I am!



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