Childhood Horror

Yesterday, whilst watching a video of a demented bear on YouTube (don’t ask how I got there), I came across something that I had forgotten for years and terror struck me suddenly…

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It was a clip from a British children’s television show called “Teletubbies” and it’s about four abandoned aliens who fell out of a tree at birth, and are now psychologically challenged. Well at least that’s my current opinion of it, younger children would probably see it as an educational program where human like creatures that talk like babies teach and play and work. 

It’s not the Teletubbies that scared me, it was one part from one episode that haunted the living daylights out of me as a child, I even used to get hallucinations of this terror!

So before I go any further, here is the horror Movie. Warning, children or adults of any age should hide. Now.

So first of all, we are haunted by, “It’s the bear! It’s the bear! And I’m coming!” in  a horrifying echo like voice.  If this were meant to be a horror film, I give you my word, it would be rated 21. Even at that, over 21’s would be terrified. It really is a terrifying moment!

And then we get acquainted with “the bear”. We see a cardboard cut out with massive eyes, and a scary face, mounted on a wagon like base. And then he and/or she describes herself. “I’m the bear! I’m the bear! With brown fuzzy hair!” And soon comes his and/or her demented laugh.

Then it hides and pops up, scrambling our brains and terrifying us.

And apparently it knows a joke. And the joke is, “Blub-a-lub-a-lub” according to the subtitles. Where is the joke in that, this thing is taking an exorcist attack thing, rolling it’s eyes about, waving it’s tongue and talking nonsense.

Then it turns out that it is hiding from it’s husband.

We are soon acquainted with it’s demented husband, who has a lisp. They make such a cute pair.

Like all married couples, they chase each other about, “Catch me he-he-he-he-he=he!” and chase each other into the distance.

So now do you see why I am such a dysfunctional child? I was brought up watching these horror Movies that were given silly names. If they banned the Exorcist from T.V, they should ban this! My life is affected! I am still scared of these things!

Someone please comment to sooth me. Please. PLEASE?!?!?!?


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  1. Tubby fan says:

    That’s the edited version! You should have seen the original.. now, THAT’S scary.



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