The Bubble of Content

Whilst in the city yesterday, lots of eureka moments and ideas and thoughts came into my head…

Whilst in the City yesterday, this man came out of his bubble.

One of the things that came to my brain, almost straight away, was the fact that almost every single person was content in their own little bubble. No one ever really cares about what others do, unless something unexpected or interesting happens. For example, people come out of their “bubbles” when a street performer is doing their stuff. They are seeking attention (and money) and so, without realising it, people generally do give them the attention (and money) that they seek.

Yesterday, I tried my best to not be in a bubble of my own. Instead, I tried to concentrate on others, and give them the attention that they are not seeking. They don’t realise that they are getting my attention, and so just carry on in their little bubbles, whilst I am making myself amused by this whole theory.

From this “experiment” you can also determine the personality and background of a person. A rough, scrappy looking man gives the impression that he doesn’t care about himself or his surroundings. And an older woman, wearing leather gloves, all dressed up and fancy, gives the impression of her being from a posh background, and takes extra care towards her lasting impression.

However, we must look closer into this theory. Why would that man be “scrappy” looking? Maybe this man generally does care about his look. Maybe he had been unexpectedly called to somewhere as an emergency or something like that. Naturally, he wouldn’t take the time to look good, he would want to get there as soon as possible. Or maybe he is just a generally scruffy man, and doesn’t give a Scooby about what impression he makes. And maybe, just maybe, that woman might only be dressed as fancy because of an important event. Maybe she usually doesn’t give a care in the world as to what she looks like, and maybe she’s just like the scruffy man!

So it is really interesting to do these experiments when you’re out and about, and the best thing is, is that no one knows you’re doing it, because they are in their own bubble of content!


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  1. Russ Bastable says:



  2. Aaron says:

    I suppose the kids would keep you busy haha! It sometimes is a natural thing!


  3. Russ Bastable says:

    Well, I have kids so I watch enough people that confuse me already, lol!! 🙂

    I hope I think of it sometime in a waiting room or something… checkout line, whatever!!


  4. Kiara Lane says:

    Reblogged this on Kiara Lane.


  5. Aaron says:

    I know! You should definitely try it! It can get addictive!


  6. Russ Bastable says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This was a good read… I’ve never thought of myself as a people watcher, perhaps I didn’t get it?!


  7. Russ Bastable says:

    Interesting! I suppose this is what people watching is all about? Visual plus imagination… kinda cool!


  8. Aaron says:

    Thank You! I know, it really is a fun game! 🙂


  9. sued51 says:

    And interestingly, if you walk around with a smile (even if it is a smile about an internal thought), people respond! Good post.

    It is fun to play the game you talk about…but you never know what people are about. My husband and I purposely dress in sweatpants and baseball hats when we go shopping to see what the service is like.



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