Blogger’s Block


If you are a recent visitor to my blog, or you are a follower, then you may have noticed, that recently, I have been uploading a lot of photos to my blog. First of all, I do apologise if it annoys you, especially those who are subscribed for email updates, but, I have an excuse. Ish.

You see,  thought I would never get this in my blogging life because I always have something to talk about, but here I go… I have blogger’s block. If that is even such a thing. I relate it to Writer’s Block, but it sounds better, especially with the alliteration.

So, all I have been doing recently is going about snapping pics, and editing old and new photos, and uploading them here. However, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback with my photos, so maybe Blogger’s Block is a good thing!

The good news is however, is that I will be full of things to say on Sunday or even Saturday evening, because I’m going  into the city tomorrow with some friends, and I’m sure that I’ll be full of strong points and I’ll be snapping pics like mad!

So for now, please just put up with my photos. Who knows, you might even like them!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Carla says:

    Love the blog



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