Last night, I was devastated.

Having being at school for most of the day yesterday, and then (apparently) I was studying all night until about eleven.  It was just before switching the router off at night, that I checked my emails since I hadn’t looked through my inbox for that day.

Expecting the usual spam or junk mail, I was surprised to see an email from a real life person. I realised that the email was from WordPress, but it was because someone had contacted me through my contact page.

Giving the email a thorough look through, the thought that I was being taken a ‘len’ of, as the email was from someone from the BBC.

Being the “I’m Not Being Fooled” teenager, I went onto an online IP  address locater (not illegal, it gives the rough city that the address belongs in, and the company that owns it) and it turned out that it really was from the BBC. So, I read the email again…

I’m not going to tell you every single detail, but basically, BBC Scotland was wondering if I would have been interested or not to have a 10 minute spot to talk about how blogging can be therapeutic.

So here comes the devastation part…

I told you that I had read the email at roughly 11:00 PM . But it turns out, that the email was sent at 9:00 AM (roughly). So, me, being an idiot, and not checking my inbox in the morning, I realised that I was too late. They were needing a reply almost straight away, but obviously, I was too busy being a geek.

So, all in all, I did not go on the radio show… sadly…

However, I was glad to hear (after listening to the show on BBC iPlayer) that a great quality teenage blogger was asked to go on, and she did a great job! So congrats and well done to her!

So, to those at the BBC, thank you for your “invitation” and I apologise once again, for me being a total idiot.

And that’s all I really wanted to moan about today, but please, please, please take something back from this:





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