Why Truffles beat Twixes

So not that long ago today, (about 3 minutes ago) as I was eating a Twix, a taunting experience that I had in late December of 2011, came back to me…

You see, It was the last days of school before the Christmas break, when I had got my friend a box of celebrations as a little “Have a good Christmas”

The North American Twix wrapper as of 2010.
And I used to like you as well. *Blows Raspberry*

present. And so, at lunch that day, he kindly decided to share them. Naturally, as any insane person would do, I dived to the box, and started to rummage through the entire contents of the box.

It was after emptying the entire contents of the box onto the table (and the floor) that I realised that my worst nightmare, came true.

  • Mars Bar Thingy in a wrapper? – Check!
  • Snickers thingy in a wrapper? – Check!
  • Bounty Coconutty thing in a wrapper? – Check!
  • Alien Malteaser in a warpper thingy? – Check!
  • Topic Nutty Thingy In A Wrapper? – Check!
  • Caramel Thingy in a half opened wrapper? -Check!
  • Normal Galaxy thing in a wrapper? – Check
  • Twix thing in a wrapper? W.T.* ????
  • Delicious, mouth melting Galaxy Truffle in a lovely round Wrapper? N O T  C H E C K ! ! !

This was the nightmare that I had had for so many years, that kept taunting me. And that day was the worst day of my life; The day that I found out that Mars Incorporated ‘s Celebrations no longer contained truffles, but instead, they had horrible mini twix things in horrible ugly yellow wrappers.

And why do Truffles beat Twixes? EAT ONE AND FIND OUT.

Thank You for listening to today’s rant. And remember kids, stay off of the grass and no ball games.


One Comment Add yours

  1. I’ve stopped eating Celebrations until they bring back Truffles! They were so good, why couldn’t they replace Snickers or Bounty with the Twix?



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