Hello, I’m 5,873,430,373 .


We’ve all had our moments, when we’ve been somewhere, and been with someone who treat us like dirt, and don’t appreciate us. We sometimes say that they might as well call us a number instead of a name. But what number exactly?

Drukte op station
Image via Wikipedia "7 Billion People in the world, and counting!

We couldn’t just call ourselves random numbers, could we? I don’t think so. We would have to come up with a system. And luckily, I just found one!

Thanks to this brilliant little web app, I know that I was roughly the 5,873,430,373th  person born into the world, and I am the 81,295,125,033rd person ever to have lived. (roughly)

So, I know you are dying to know where I got this info from, right? Well, since I am a nice person, I will share this with you.

It is actually a feature on BBC News, on an article about the population rising to 7 billion people. And so, to celebrate and for fun, the BBC have created a great little feature to help you find out what number of person born in the world you were.


So yeah, pleased to meet you, I’m 5,873,430,373  !




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