A New Optical Illusion?


We all love a good optical illusion don’t we? I know I do! Well, it was today, when attempting to create a new and different Facebook Profile picture, that I created an optical illusion of my own.

I call it an Optical Illusion, but maybe it’s just a silly thing to you. But anyway, look at the picture below.

On the left hand side, we see quite a scary image. That image, is the top of my head, but through a very powerful Black and White filter. However, when rotated 180 degrees, we see what looks like one of those practical joke glasses, nose and moustache set. Almost like someone under cover!

So that was all I wanted to share with you today, because it just shows you that if you think a little different, you could be creating your own optical illusion, or something better than that!

And I am now able to transform the top of my head into a practical joke. Great.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kathy says:

    Thats really cool!



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