Teachers + Inspectors =

Over the  many years of being a school pupil, I have enjoyed watching teachers change completely, in the event that seems like torture to them. Inspectors.

We all know about inspectors. They are, stereotypically, the people who walk around dressed totally in black, who look at you, no matter what you do in class, and who wear their glasses right down to their nose. They also tend to hypnotise teachers.

However, before I can go any further, I must let you know that that is not my opinion. I try to think of inspectors as just normal people, who have lives just like us, and who are only doing their job!

So now that we’ve got that cleared, I want to talk about how teachers change, dramatically, once they hear news of an inspector.

Image by tim ellis via Flickr

For example, take Mr T. Teacher, a man who is devoted to discipline, but tries to be fair. Some of his pupils want him dead, and some of him, are happy he’s alive. He teaches Geography.

One day, he finds out that a group of inspectors is going to be coming to school the next week, and one on particular, is coming to one of his lessons. Without showing his emotions, he silently quivers, and begins to plan ahead.

“Will we be continuing to research this, next week, sir?” Asks a pupil, funnily enough named, “The Pupil”.

“Eh.. well… no, The, I’m afraid we won’t, however, we will be doing something rather different next Tuesday, but thank you for your concern.” Replies Mr Teacher.

This leaves the pupils baffled for a few days, until the actual day…

It is the following Tuesday, and Mr Teacher, is in surprisingly early, preparing for his first period, with S2 and the inspectors. Before he can do anything, the bell rings, and pupils start to flood in, and after them, the dreaded inspector. Mr Teacher kindly introduces Mr Inspector, and sees him to a table and chair at the back of the room. Suddenly, Mr Teacher switches the Smart-Board on, and starts the lesson.


“Okay kids, we have recently been looking at Volcanoes, and how they erupt, before we get into anything, lets start with a quick interactive game” says Mr Teacher, rather enthusiastically.

For the first five minutes, Mr Teacher  and the pupils play an interactive game on the Smart-Board, a device that is rarely used in Mr T’s class.

“Well done! You are all doing magnificently well! Now that we’ve got our brains going, lets get into groups, and listen attentively!” 

The pupils shuffle themselves around, relieved that they’ve got an easy period.

Meanwhile, the inspector sitting quietly at the back of the room, is scribbling down a few notes such as…

And the lessons continues, just as it started.


So do you see the point that I am trying to make? Teachers over-react to inspectors! Inspectors are like an exam. The exam is testing what you know, and don’t know, and the inspector is testing how well or how badly a teacher can do their job.

Personally, I think teachers just need to chillax, and get a grip of themselves! They should act normal, for the best results, instead of making a fool out of themselves!

So thank you for listening for today’s rant. I’m sure you have wisely spent a few minutes of your life, that you’ll never get back.





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