My Life As a Coin – Part 1

This is a piece of creative writing that I chose to write, after seeing a good stimulus online, which was “Write something with the title, “My Life As A Coin””. So, with great excitement, at midnight last night, I wrote part one of “The Adventures and Memoirs of a Coin” Enjoy! 

My Life as a Coin

No one has travelled, quite like I have. Of course, that is, referring to any human being. But I am no human being. I am a British Fifty Pence Silver, heptagonal coin. But that’s not to say that I have never been outside of the UK, or have never got dirty and used wrongly. This is a sort of look back at my life as a coin so far, and I have decided to call it, “The Adventures and Memoirs of a Fifty Pence Piece” And I very much hope you will enjoy.

The Adventures and Memoirs of a Fifty Pence Piece

19TH JANUARY, 2000

My Birthday.  My actual birth-day. Well actually, it should be called a putintocirculationday, because it was the day that I was put into circulation, the day that I started my channels, and got introduced to the big, bad world. I was shiny, I was new, I was fresh. And almost straight away, I was introduced to my first owner. I was taken from a shop in London, by the name of Harrods and I belonged to a man named George Stevenson. He was Scottish, and he was any coin’s first nightmare. He was a collector.

In the world of coins, we coins only want to do one thing. Travel. Travel as much as we can.  And our enemy is the common coin collector. We see them as a sort of reminder that we must be fortunate that we are not possessed by such people.  However, I was in real bother. I was the unluckiest coin in the world.

I believe that I was given to my new owner, just before he was bound to set off, by train, to Scotland. After a nauseating five hour train ride, I found myself bumping and rattling about in an open end of a wallet. This man was in a hurry to get home, and he got home, eventually. And sadly, I was still with this man.

Days passed, until I was taken out of the wallet, and given an even newer, ‘Home’. I was put in hell. I believe you humans would call it A Money Jar which was rather full. Which was excellent news.  It meant that I was only going to be in this glass contraption for a short period of time, until the glass was broke, and I was to be put back into circulation somehow,

And that was what happened. Mr George Stevenson  of 560 Chester’s Road broke his jar of thousands of Fifty Pence pieces, put them all in the bank, and I was on the road again, metaphorically speaking.

~      ~      ~

Many months passed and I was making my way around the country quite a bit, being exchanged for items of use to humans. However, it was one day, whilst in Brighton, that I started a great journey.

~      ~      ~

24TH MAY, 2000

At the time, my owner was Mr and Mrs Michael Price, a long married, and happy couple. It was their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and they had decided months before that they were to go on a luxury trip to New York, in America.

For a day or two, I was in a purse, with coins not of my kind, but they were just as nice and friendly. They were of the “Dollar” race and had been living in an exchange circulation in the UK, and now, they were finally going home.

It was one day, that I was feeling rather light-headed, that I seen daylight again.  This was the day that Mr and Mrs Price decided to get themselves arrested for attempted murder. Apparently.

Empire State Building
Image via Wikipedia

They were on top of a building, which I later found out was called The Empire State Building, and it was to my knowledge of the saying or question if you like, What if I throw a coin off of the Empire State building? And there is a legend that goes with that of a man who once threw a cent over the skyscraper and killed a man down on the streets of New York. And it turned out that this couple were slightly drunk after a night of partying at a top NYC club. They were also fans of the myth-busting business, and so, there brain told them to throw a coin off of the Empire State building.

Hundreds, if not thousands,  of feet up in the air, Mrs Price picked me out of her leather purse, and with no thought or regret, simply threw me off of the Empire State Building. Just like that.

It was a long and painful fall, and I eventually seen myself coming to solid ground again, until I noticed that a business woman, looking rather depressed was going to be the target of my landing.

I believe this is a very good time to point out that us coins are inanimate. We may be able to think, hear, and talk to our own kind, but we cannot move, at all, in any shape or form.

I tried and tried to move myself, but it was impossible, being inanimate. And yes, I did land on this woman’s head, and yes she was seriously injured, but no, she never died.

It was then, that I was sealed in a plastic bag, and taken to court within  the next few days, as evidence. Mr and Mrs Price were sentenced for five years, on suspicion of attempted murder.

And I was in darkness for the next month, until I found myself, somehow, in the United Kingdom again. And it felt bloody good. I had scarred that woman for life, and I was also emotionally scarred for life.

~      ~      ~

Years passed after this. I had several owners, and nothing exciting to recall. Just the usual trading me for other goods. People of all ages had me, and done something with me, and luckily, a coin collector of any sorts, never came across my path. However, I soon became unlucky, and was practically drowned.

~      ~      ~

12TH AUGUST, 2008

English: a beach in maine on a clear day with ...
Image via Wikipedia

It was a lovely, warm end of summer’s day, and I believe I was at the beach. For some weird reason, my owner, who was little older than a toddler, thought that if she threw me in the water, and made a wish, then, her wish would come true. And she did that. She threw me quite far believe it or not, and I could just hear a little voice getting further away saying, “I with I with, I with vat Mummy and Daddy vould thop agewing wiv each ova” Which, obviously made me feel very emotional, and the fact that I could be in that water for the rest of my coin life, scared me to death.

~      ~      ~

And that it was, I was in the water for a great amount of time; possibly a year or two, but it was one day, when the weather was very rough, that I was washed upon the shore with great force and believe it or not, I was starting to be picked up by a very strong wind, and I ended up on the side of a footpath. That was like someone giving you a second chance before death. And yes, I was picked up by an elderly man, and I was put back into circulation, once again.

And I really could say I was back in Circle-ation because I found myself back at the store name Harrods, in London, and I was on my travels again.

~      ~      ~



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