Another equation to add to my list.

So, as I am living life, I am discovering more and more important equations in life, that are either useful, helpful, or life saving. For example, “Girl+Best Friend+ Bathroom= Facebook Profile Picture” is a useless one. However, the one I discovered on Monday could save me a whole lot of pain in future.

So what is my latest equation?

Dismounting Trampoline+Loosing Balance >/Slipping+Fall on to hard floor= Sprained elbow and badly bruised arm. 

So yeah, that’s what happened on Monday in P.E. I was dismounting a sports trampoline, when I lost my balance and/or slipped (For I cannot recall what exactly happened, it went fa too quickly) and I fell to what I thought was my death, but turned out just to be badly winded, very badly bruised, and got myself a sprained elbow- Is that even possible?

English: Skeleton animation
Image via Wikipediaaaaaaaaaah

But there was one thing that creeped me out, well two actually, the first is that the biggest bruise was actually glowing bright greenish, and number two is the fact that I almost had a sixth sense. In the space of leterally a millisecond, I had this really quick thought, of me falling, and I would have to save myself, but before I could do anything, my millisecond was over, and I was lying down with what felt like a broken arm, and no air left in me. So, I think I can now predict a little bit of the future. I told my mother this, and she handed me a lottery ticket. No, just joking. She gave me six.

So, I was off school today, and yesterday, I was also of school, but felt like taking a trip to the hospital, particularly the A&E section. However, in record breaking time, I was seen to by a nurse, a doctor, a radiotherapist (person who pushes the red button on the x-ray machine) and came out again, in under an hour, with the knowledge that I wasn’t going to die, but my arm was badly bruised and sprained. And I felt like amputation would

I am sadly being forced to go to school tomorrow, even although I cannot write, and so will be moaning and groaning all day. make all the difference, but that’s not fair on those who would do anything to get their arms back, so I am grateful that I still have arms. Even if one is about to fall off.

So that’s the whole reason why I’ve not been online that much this week, due to me being in bed and being addicted to Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. And, I’ll end up doing  a blog post on this, but I swear, I am seeing electronic screens in a new dimension now. I need help.

Now go away and do something ith your life, but to remember to come back. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Actually, I don’t like cherries, put a banana on top For some reason right now, I am craving a banana but there is i none present in my house. Sadly. I must tell mother to buy



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