I’m fat, but healthy.

I am fat. Yes, there are people who remind me of that everyday, and there are people who try and be nice and persuade me that I’m not. So, yes, to begin with, I’m overweight. But…

I’m healthier than alot of people.

It may not show, but I can actually say that I am healthier than a heck of a lot of people I know. Yes, I admit I could exercise more, and stay cautious of what I’m eating,  but yes, I am healthier than at least half of the people in my year. For example, take my made-up teenage boy named, “Examplo Skinnio” . He represents an average teenage boy.

He’s a nice guy, unlike some of his friends, and is a magnet to every girl in the school, well, not all of them, but he’s tall, perfect weight, and all the other things that girls like.

For breakfast, he arrives early in school, so, every morning, he goes to the burger van, and gets a burger, as well as the healthybreakfastnonbranded-obix he had before leaving the house. Along with this, he buys a hot chocolate to keep him nice and warm. Then it’s off to lessons. 

At the morning interval, he goes to the tuck shop, and buys a hot-dog, a can of fizzy whatever, and a cake, just because of the special meal deal offer. Then, again, back to lessons. Surely he must be full to the top? No. 

For Lunch, he goes out with all of his so called “Friends” to either the corner shop for a load of unhealthy stuff, or to the Chineese Take Away shop, or the burger can, again, depending on the group’s leader’s mood. All of which are extremely unhealthy. Then, back to lessons. 

Whilst in class, different members of his “gang” will pass around the sweets they got at lunch time from the ice cream van, everyone stuffing their faces behind the teacher’s back.

Sometimes, usually on a Friday, he goes into town with some “friends” after school. They observe the latest war games, they annoy a few security guards, and before splitting up, go for a chippy, usually a big greased up, drenched in viniger, covered in salt, drowning in brown sauce, something supper. He prefers pizza crunch in case you’re interested. And then home, for a weekend of lying about, eating junk, and bashing SAMMON.  (Please tell me you understand that joke? If not, I don’t blame ya’ !)

Okay so now that we know the life story of Examplo Skinnio, look at my eating plan and spot the 10,000 differences. (there’s actually only about five or six but its good to exaggerate sometimes, isn’t it?)

I arrive at school quite early, about the same time as Mr Skinnio. I’m full of energy, as ive had my breakfast, either helloios or something that looks like pencil shavings that is apparently  healthy and turns out to taste nice. I  go and find my other friends in the school and catchup, have a chat, have a laugh with them and then go to lessons.

At morning interval, I go and do whatever I do with friends, usually laughing at non-hilarious things and making a fool of myself. And then, to lessons. Still full of energy. But no snacking.
At lunch, I go to the cantine, get the main meal, sometimes a meal deal with fruit instead of cake, and a bottle of water, although sometimes, I treat myself to a hot chocolate, but they’re just so good, and I go to the library and then go to lessons. 

At home time, I go home, believe it or not. I have my home-made dinner, moan about my day on this blog, do homework, do internety stuff and sleep. Sometimes.

At the weekend, I’ll usually be getting dragged around shops by mother on Saturday, and have a fast food option as a treat every second Saturday. And on Sunday, it’s mystery meat stew made by Chef Mother. What’s in it? Well… That’s the mystery.

But do you see the point I’m trying to make? I eat healthier and less than Examplo. However I’m the one that looks bad, and he’s the one that gets chased by the girls. But why?

Well according to a good, true, friend of mines, he says it’s all to do with metabolism- basically,  how long it takes for your body to fully digest your food. People who have a slow metabolism generally have visible fat, and are overweight,

but mind you excessive eating and all that causes it too! And people who have a fast metabolism, generally are in good shape and sometimes skinny. And you can decide for yourself what the inbetweeners are like.

So Examplo Skinnio would have a fast metabolism.

But weather that fact is true or not; I really don’t know. -Maybe, I’m just incredibly unlucky, and can’t keep my eyes off of the biscuit tin. As my Dad always says, my eyes are bigger than my belly.

So what’s today’s lesson?

I’m fat, and you may be too, or you may be lucky. Decide for yourself. But you could be healthier than your idols!

Thank you for reading about my weight. I’m sure it was worth spending a few minutes of your life that you’ll never get back, obeing informed on this highlyunnecessary subject.

Aaron 🙂


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  1. Food is the root to all evil.Nobody can truly be healthy without a balanced diet or with exercise.Nobody should kid themselves about diet or body shape.Always It really shouldn’t matter what you eat or how much you eat it is all down to how much you exercise you do.There’s a common belief that people who are overweight have a slow metabolism (burn energy slowly), while thin people have a fast metabolism (burn energy quickly). This is a myth.Results from these studies have consistently shown that overweight people use more energy to keep their bodies working. This is because they have larger bodies with bigger muscles and internal organs.Often, overweight people believe they eat very little and still put on weight, hence the ‘slow metabolism’ theory, but research has shown people tend to eat more than they think.When asked to write down everything they’ve consumed in a day, people tend to report eating far less than they actually do. This may be to impress the researcher or because they genuinely forget to include some items.



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