I have experienced time travel. Ish.

Yesterday, I set out in a photography quest. Not really, yesterday, I went to a museum/ heritage sort of place, where I tested out my new camera that I got for Christmas.

It wasn’t the first time I was there, I had been a few times before, but I couldn’t really remember the last time I was there! Anyway, it was going round the fascinating outdoor exhibits including 1940s and 1960s cottages, and old parts of factories, that I realised I was in a whole new world. Although there was plenty of modern-day civilisation around me,  I was imagining the life of someone my age in those days, an it made me think,

“Bloomin’ heck, I could never have lived in those days”

No Internet, no games consols. No computers, no iPods, no mobile phones, no luxury items.   Instead, a tiny TV in a living room, with very few channels, and restricted viewing hours given by parents. As well as that, scooters an balls and ropes and imagination- kids, even young teens, like me, we’re told to go outside and play, no matter what the weather. It terrified me, just thinking about a world without all of the technology and luxuries we have today, but there was one good thing that I wouldn’t mind now a days- discipline and control.

It’s fair to say that in those days, there were still people who thought they were better and tougher than others, but there was nowhere near what we live in today. The very thought of being caught by the police when doing something wrong terrified the life out of youths. It wasn’t the police themselves that scared them, but it was the thought of the rage and fury of their parents, when they found out about their wrong-doings. However, this never really happened, as parents had control over their children, unlike today’s world.

And that’s all I can say really, sadly, because it was then closing time for the museum. However, after that visit, I have a new outlook on life: appreciate what I have!

Here are only SOME of the photos I took in my time-travelling experience.

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