YouTube: The Dream and the Problem

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Some of you may know that I have tried to vlog (video Blogging) in many different ways, in the not too far away past. And I have failed. Miserably. But there’s always that one little thing inside me that’s begging me to go back. However…

Thanks to advice from many different people, I have realised that being a vlogger on YouTube or anywhere really, can either help you or put you in danger.

For example, look at the likes of Charlieissocoollike and others like him. He started from quite a young teenage age, and now he is a YouTube partner (he gets paid for what he does, and gets special promotions) with over a million subscribers, and you can safely say it has changed his life, because he is kaoing a living out of what used to be just a hobby. And to be honest, some of his first videos were utter rubbish!

However there are dangers of being a vlogger. Dangers, that I nearly got involved in, had it jot been for someone saving

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me. What I was doing practically said, “Here, do whatever you want with me, come find me, I don’t care whoever you are, just know my life, and do whatever you want with it” and how exactly did I do this? Well, apart from making the most stupidest videos, I was basically giving my life away. Where ever I was online, I had lots of different information about me, scattered all about the place; from my full name to my email address, from my school to my location! I was the perfect Target for some sort of paedophile or someone like that. But thankfully, I got rid of all that stuff, and I know for 90% sure, that I’m much more safer online. So, lesson number one, be safe. But all that isn’t the only trouble with being a vlogger…

The next thing doesn’t really involve much of the safety things, but morr of the personal stuff, and “side effects” of being a vlogger. You need to be serious about what your doing. Not serious serious, but more like you enjoy what you do, and you are strong about what you do. I’m talking about the pressure and teasing that you get from the people around you. I call them one thing, and one thing only, “Jealous and cowardly twits”. There’s no better phrase, (actually, there probably is) to describe the ejits. Once they see one of your videos, and you’re in school the next day, there bound to say something like, “Oh hi! I seen your YouTube videos!” And then people start asking questions, but there are a few things that help me to overcome these things.
1) Don’t let them overpower. You, dont give them what they want, and stop your hobby – just shows you that they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.
2) If it does get out of hand, tell someone – because it can, and will be seen as a form of bullying!
3) When they do say things, turn around and say… “Did you like and subscribe?” Or, “At least you’re giving me the views, pal!” Just think of a smart comeback, and then they won’t be too quick in harassing you next time! who knows, thy might actually be vloggers themselves! It’s happened before!
4) Finally, never ever give up.

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So those are the things that have helped me in the past. And through my little time on YouTube In the past, I have made quite a few new online friends – some of th most inspirational and friendliest people you could ever meet! Which is another great thing about youtube. You are not alone in what you are doing, there are thousands, if not, millions, like you. You can become part of a special and unique community!

So, I am trying to decide at the moment weather I want to go back to vlogging. You may know, that recently, I got a new screen-name “Spendicable” which seems a safe name, and doesn’t give too much away, so I might give it a whirl. In fact, let’s see how many subscribers I can get, that’ll help me to decide what I’ll do…

Thanks for reading,



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