The End of The World Day…


So, now that it’s 2012, supposedly the last year ever, and the year that will end the world, should we be taking precautions and starting to think more seriously?

This was a thought that came to me whilst having an uneasy sleep one night. We all know the rumour that the world is going to end on the twenty somethingth of December. We’re all joking and laughing about it now, but what will we all be doing on that day, that the world is supposedly going to end? Will we get a nasty surprise when it does actually end?

Some people may even take the necessary procedures and precautions on that day, for example, taking shelter, and gathering their most precious possessions, and putting them in a safe place.

Personally, I am slightly scared of that day. If the rumours really are true, and the world does end, I don’t want to be at school, or out somewhere, I want to be with my family, just in case we really are doomed.

You could look at this at another perspective: Depending on you religion and beliefs, you could say, “Why would God destroy what he made?” but then again, if your a sciency person, then you could probably work out the probability of the world actually ending.

But for now, I don’t think we need to worry, as it is only the beginning of 2012, but it’ll be here soon enough. But hey, what’s to say it really is twenty-twelve? ? ?


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  1. Blogbiscuit says:

    I agree, i dont think the world is going to end, if it does it will be a great shock to us all whether we believe it or not, however i dont believe it and will do what i do every year, work on a day to day basis, i never plan anything (doesnt always go to plan so why should i waste my time) in fact hey maybe thats it… maybe if i planned to end that day on 20 something of december it wont happen and you can all thank me? seriously what happens will happen and for a reason im sure but christmas will be strange this year now and for ever year for the rest of my familys life now so somebody predicting the end of the world this year wont make one jot of difference to me at all.



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