The Device to End All Problems

Have you ever been found guilty of something, when you are totally innocent?  Have you ever witnessed something, and no one believes you? Have you ever wished you had a camera recording 24/7, recording everything that happens in your life, to use as proof that  you are innocent, to prove to someone that you really did see that UFO? Well, now is the part where I would love to say , “Well today is your lucky today! Because we have brought out a product that will do just that!”  But, sadly, I can’t say that…


©ArnHawth 2011

But wouldn’t it be great? Wouldn’t the world be a far better place? As well as using this device to prove ourselves, it could help police too, to prove  if he was really drink driving, to prove if he  really did kidnap that little girl! This device could be used everywhere ! And yes, the World probably would be a far better place! Maybe less violence, less crime, more love, and more thought!

But what would this device be? We wouldn’t be happy walking around doing our daily stuff, with a huge camera attached to us would we? We wouldn’t want anything attached to us really, as most of us, are happy the way our Natural selves are! So how would this device be able to see every single thing we see?

How about something from a horror movie? A mind probe? Maybe we could get some sort of hard drive planted in our brain, and we could some how download the data! I honestly don’t won’t to think about where you would stick the cable. 

Maybe not. It would be far too dangerous, and way too expensive. But haven’t they developed several prototypes of devices that can pick up brain waves, in order to control something?  For example, real virtual gaming. What ever you do in your head, moves a character around in a game, or you can bounce a ball, just by thinking, “Up and Down. Up and Down.” So maybe our device could be something similar to that! If the technology was advanced enough, and a lot of thought, time, and care went into making this device, then we may have a winner!

It would be totally efficient as well! Not every person would even need one. Not even every household! Maybe just towns, police stations and places like that would need a few! Maybe a shop, or a section in the library, where you can use a membership card to use one of the many devices, so that you could prove the silly things to your friends. But it would benefit a lot of people, and after a few years of production, the expensive prices would drop, and drop and drop, so that one day, every household may have one!  But what would it look like?

Compare the first ever iPod to the iPod 4g today.

From my mock up picture of the Life Minder V1,  I tried to imagine what this product would look like in reality. Yes, I could have designed a tiny little device that could pick up our brain waves and nerves and stuff, but what would the reality of that be? You must start off big, to get smaller! For example, take the first ever iPod from Apple. It was one of the first MP3 players of it’s kind, and it was purely from someone’s imagination, who had a dream to be able to take all of your music wherever you go. And they eventually made their dream come to life. However, compared to today’s gadgets and gizmos, it was hardly a looker. It was bulky, it was heavy, and lets face it, it was kind of ugly. Now think of Apple’s latest iPod, the iPod 4th Generation. It is almost paper thin, it has a retina display, it is quite the looker, and is beautiful all round! But that didn’t happen overnight! To get to where the iPod is today, it took many years, many generations, and many sleepless nights for the designers at apple! And it is almost a definite, that they will never stop! In 10 years time, I could be writing this again, comparing the iPod touch 4g to the iPod air 7X . Who knows? And who knows, the Life Manager V6 may be in production by then! It’s all to do with the evolution and the advancement of technology. Every second of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade, of every century, of every millennium, technology, is always changing. Although we don’t realise it, it is probably 95% true.  There will always be someone, somewhere, coming up with a bright idea, that moves technology to a different stage.

So, why is my Life Manager V1  not a beautiful looking, glossy, and fashionable? Well partly because of my horrible designing skills, but partly because it would be the reality! Go back to comparing the first ever iPod to the iPod 4g! It took years! And so would this device, it would take years, to become a beautiful, popular, amazing device.

Now, notice how I have never said My Device but rather our device  or this device  because I am sure I am not the only person in the world, who has thought of something like this. Probably every day, people will be thinking about this. But I thought I’d share it with you, because it is a thing I feel strongly about. The amount of times I have said to myself or someone else, “I really do wish there was some sort of way to prove to them that I did see that…” or “If only they could see that I didn’t do that…”  is unbelievable, and I bet that you have said something similar to that, in your life, at least once or twice!

So maybe the idea of the Life Minder, or something with hopefully a better name, will become a reality sometime in the not too far future! Who knows? Actually I do, I’m just gonna pop into my Time Machine, and go 10 years in the future, and pick up the prototype of the iPod Air 7x on the bar table that the apple employee left . You would think they would have learned after the last time…


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  1. Muhl46 says:

    I just added this site to my rss reader, great stuff. Can’t get enough! :p


  2. Anon says:

    Sup. Basically want to actually write a swift comment and indicate to you you that I wholly agree with your specific posting. Entirely spot on.


  3. Stella 47 says:

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.



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